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With over 20 species and 300 animals, you have an adventure  ahead!

What to expect

  • A more aproachable, interactive and transparent zoo experience.

  • 1-3 hours of watching, petting, feeding, and learning.

  • Over 100 friendly and curious animals eager to meet you.

  • Natural pathways (grass, dirt, woodchips and gravel).

  • Pony rides for the kids and a picnic grove for lunch.

  • Knowledgeable staff to answer any questions.

Feeding experiences

A trip to The Zoo is not complete until you have helped the animals secure a snack.

Many of the critters at Jo-Don Farms can be fed either by hand or indirectly with interactive enrichment tools.

From cups of grain for goats and emus, to buckets filled with veggies, fruits and grain to feed the whole zoo,** a number of feeding options exist.

Admission and prices

Admission to The Zoo is just $6 per person, and children 2 and younger are free with a paid adult. If you would like to contribute more, all donations and feed sales go directly to animal enrichment and feed for the winter.

  • Pony Ride...$6

  • Several feeding options...$1-$15

Contact us for large groups. Season passes are available.

A note to our guests:

The Zoo at Jo-Don Farms seeks to provide unique, intimate, educational and above all, safe encounters between people and animals. It is in this spirit that we ask our guests to be respectful to all of our animal friends. Teasing or harassing the animals is not tolerated. Please be mindful of your hands when feeding and petting, pay close supervision to young children, and keep an open mind to the interesting lessons these incredible creatures will teach you.

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